About Ken

About Ken Williams

Ken WilliamsKen created devotions2go and is the main teacher in the devotions. Ken is a distinguished Poet Laureate with degrees from Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge. Well… not really! He does write weekend worship service messages at West Cobb & Covered Bridge Churches, but they aren’t very poetic. He also holds degrees from three colleges, but none of them are Ivy League. Ken spent most of his life in Florida and graduated with a music degree from Florida State University. (He claims that FSU is a devout Christian college, but we know better!) He then studied theology at Southwestern Seminary in Texas and later earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. Don’t let the Ph.D. scare you, though. Ken has friends and family who keep his head out of the clouds. By the way… Ken has visited Harvard University. Maybe that counts for something!

Ken moved to Atlanta with his wife, Shawna, in February 2001. He’s the Lead Pastor at West Cobb Church & Covered Bridge Church. He also teaches as an adjunct professor, speaks at business training seminars, and serves as a non-profit business consultant. Ken and Shawna have two teenagers, Jeffery and Cassidy. Ken cheers for his hometown Falcons, Hawks, and Braves, but when it comes to college football, it’s the Seminoles all the way!