About the Devotions

What are these devotions all about

Each day the teacher, Ken Williams, gives subscribers insight into the Bible, as well as a thought for the day or some ‘homework’. But don’t let the word ‘homework’ scare you. It’s not bookwork. It’s life application. You’ll be shocked how much God can change you in a year, if you take one small step a day. It’s incredible!

Not only do you have access to the video and audio devotions, but we make it easy for you to read the Bible verses that Ken uses in the devotion. And if you want to memorize scripture, we suggest verses for you.

Once you subscribe, you start choosing from a variety of Plans, or sets of devotions. Each Plan is based on a topic and the Plan length varies from 5 to 30 days.

As a subscriber, you can access one D2go devotion a day.  If you really like a devotion, mark it as a Favorite and you can always access it, as long as you subscribe.  Ken will provide 20 new devotions a month, so that gives you one devotion a day, five days a week.

Plans that are currently available:

  • First Steps (FREE)
  • Change Your Life
  • Deserts
  • Forgiveness